Hadya kids was born as a result of Hadya Gifts and Favours (till 2013). As we had been in the gift business previously, and Alhamdulillah (All praise to God) when it did well, we wanted to give back to our society. So we tried doing the same as what everyone else were doing, placing calendars and such at the mosques for free during Ramadan.

Guess what, we were called to come and take those back because no one really needed them. So the following year, we decided to give away something really beneficial. Motivational charts, stickers, etc were distributed to the mosques and educational centers within the vicinity. The moment people saw us taking the charts off the boot, they came asking for some pieces. Ma sha Allah (God willed), we were thrilled to know that we got what people needed.

Hence, the birth of Hadya Kids which is to commemorate the Islamic efforts, programmes, charts, apps, storybook all for the sake of Allah, to motivate little hearts towards our Deen in the most delightful manner. As our prophet Mohammad s.a.w. used the gentle approach in guiding our little children as they are still young.

Hadya also means Gift, we consider every child as a gift of Allah, and Amanah. Even a smile or a warm gesture by hosting someone are all considered gifts. Gifts comes in various forms. Our gift to you is spreading Islam in the most loving and gentle manner as Islam is peace, submission to His will. We guide our children through our behaviour, children learn more from observation than listening to what we say.

May Allah swt bless us all as righteous and loving parents for our children, guiding them towards Deen, pursuing and practicing Islamic education.

Let us be among those who teach, learn the Quran or help in either of these two.


Love and God Bless.

Hadya Kids