So it was a wrap of our holiday lessons during December 2020. But our classes continued on to 2021 Jan! Thats how much we fun we had and there is so much to learn. Islamic Geometric patterns can also be applied onto various mediums. In fact its all around us, cut open a fruit and you will see the beautiful geometric patterns be it an Orange, Lemon or apple. Isn it it such a beauty of nature? Subhanallah. Come learn the basics and more from this beautiful, over 1000s year old traditional art. It is for everyone, it is not restricted to those following any particular faith. Islamic Art can be explored by anyone who has interest to know more about the Islamic traditional method of drawing geometric patterns. Did. you know that this is one of the arts which includes mathematical concepts, where precision, symmetry, tessellations are all included. So it is two in one, not only will you be painting, you will be constructing using a compass, ruler and pencil! Beware, our little participants are not to be judged by their size, they can construct patterns as good as adults. Find out more today , how you or your child(ren) can enrol themselves in this beautiful art class. :) We do conduct private workshops too.

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