Stained window glass art with

Islamic Geometric Patterns


Finally our June holiday class is out, after a long hiatus. Since face to face won’t be happening anytime soon, so we will do zoom lessons, in Sha allah! Please DM if you are interested, so long your child can trace, Color and follow instructions and some parental supervision to ensure your child does not scribble away on your favourite leather sofa, then this is for you to sign up. We will discuss mosque interiors, it’s beautiful art works, in particular stained window glass in Islamic structures like mosques, museums and others. So excited to roll this out, hope you are too! Feel free to DM for class schedules, structure and fees. I’ll post the materials ahead of class, promise 👍🏻🥰🥰

One session per class, available dates are as follows:

11 June 2021 @11am -1230pm (SG Time)

12 June 2021 @ 4.30pm-6pm (SG Time)

11 June @12.30 -2pm Adelaide Time

12 June @ 6pm- 7.30pm Adelaide Time

Alhamdulillah Allah swt knows best, may this be beneficial for all. ❤️
Whatsapp 9873 7774 to find out more.