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My Ramadan App


My Ramadan App was first developed having little children in mind. Those aged 6 years above who may not be ready to start fasting in the month of Ramadan. A lot of parents struggled to teach their children the concept of Ramadan and fasting. Hence, a fun and rewarding way of approaching was conceptualised. A motivational tool which was visual for children to understand their efforts in coloured stickers:

Alhamdulillah! I fasted (Green),

Ma sha Allah! I tried!(Orange) and

In sha Allah! I will try next time (Red).

Originally these charts were designed and distributed to all mosque kindergartens and Islamic associations as a free kit for Ramadan. Due to overwhelming response, a mobile app was created. Alhamdulillah since the year 2015 these tools have been circulating. Also, special thanks to our collaboration with MUIS, who have been supportive and playing a key role in the distribution and maintenance of these kits.

Other features include:

- Fasting chart with 3 different stickers to track your child’s (or your own!) performance.
- Tarawih Chart with “I prayed” and “I didn't pray” stickers.
- Juz Amma surahs with “I recited” and "I memorized" sticker.
- Prayer schedule time (Singapore timing)
- Selected Du’a with Audio recitation
- Ability to backup data

You may download them at the following links. Its available in both IOS and Android platforms.

Apple App Store:…

Google Play Store:…

Download the app today!



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