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Hudaibyiah Treaty. Humbling Lessons.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The Hudaibiyah Treaty, colouring sheet activity for kids. DM for the activity sheet. It’s Free!! The Hudaibiyah Treaty holds a significant history in Islam. After 6 years of performing Hijrah, Prophet Muhammad saw had a dream to perform Umrah, so he and his 1400-1500+ followers marched from Medinah towards Mecca peacefully. The Mecca disbelievers prevented them from entering, but alarmed by the huge Muslim presence, the Quraysh leaders decided to send someone to negotiate with the Prophet Muahmmad saw. A treaty was signed between both parties, in which a lot of undesirable conditions for the Muslims. In summary, there will be no fighting for the next decade, anyone is free to join any tribes or groups and practice their faith at liberty. Also, anyone who left Mecca with Muhammad saw has to be returned and any Muslims from Madinah will not be returned if they went to Mecca. 
This year, they were not granted permission to perform Umrah but the following year they were granted assurance to do so. The followers who came with Prophet saw in the hope of entering Mecca to perform Umrah was highly disappointed by the situation and the treaty. However, prophet saw was extremely patient and accepted all the terms dictated. The Treaty of Hudaibiyah was one of the most outstanding events and proved to be a turning point in the Islamic history. The following year, there were 2000 pilgrims instead of the 1400-1500 earlier year. The disbelievers themselves gave assurance for the pilgrimage the following year and they accepted Muhammad saw as the leader of the Islamic state, Medinah. There was even a divine revelation that Almighty Allah swt has put a seal of honour on this treaty and called in “Fatah Al-Mubeen” (Manifest Victory) in the Quran 48:1. "Verily we have granted thee a manifest victory" (Quran 48:1)

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Illustrations by sis @nasewha_

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