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Polishing Your heart

This tasbih was given to Mariam by a pilgrim in the Holy Ka’batullah, Mecca. Mariam, along with her brothers were distributing dates as sadaqa after the Friday prayers. We were cramming tighter than sardines at the basement of the Harem Shariff to swolaat Jummah (Friday congregation prayers). Everyone was so frustrated by the lack of space. Once prayer was over, all the frowns now became wide smiles, they loved seeing children offering them dates. They came forward to get a piece, made dua for them. One lady, even hurried back after getting a korma to present Mariam this Tasbih as a gesture of love. She even made a hearty sincere dua, which touched my heart. The dua and the token of love moved me. Any parents would only want to see their children grow up as good and happy adults. May Allah swt bless our children to be among salaaheens and shuhadaas. Aameen!

During my Umrah trips last year (we still want to go back again, don’t we? :-) ), there were so many lessons to take-home. One of the most important was to Dzikirullah (the rememberance of Allah):

“There is a polish for everything that takes away rust; and the polish for the heart is the remembrance of Allah.”

- Bukhari

The beautiful Tasbih is a great Reminder from Allah swt that we have to remember Him. The short ones are sufficient to reap even great rewards. E.g.

  • Subhanallah (Glory be to God)

  • Alhamdulillah (All praise to God)

  • Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest)

  • Subhana Rabiyal Al ‘Ala wa Bihamdih (Glory and Praise be to my Lord, the Most High)

  • Subhanna Rabbi Aleem wa Bihamdih (Glory be to my Nourisher, the Most Great)

  • Zal Jalaalali wal ikram (The Lord of Majesty and Bounty)

Such remembrance is a source of great strength, it is no wonder our beloved Rasulullah saw fondly asked his daughter Fatima r.a. to recite the tasbih x 100 times the night before her day of chores. Can you imagine someone asking you to make Dzikir when you go in search of asking for solutions to never ending household chores?

Yes Dizkir is a source of strength for your Ruh, your Ruh yearns to be with its creator, connect during salaah, connect during Dzikir, connect during Dua.The physical body needs its food, sleep and other humanly needs. However, the spiritual self (eg Ruh) needs its connection with Allah swt. Allah swt has a reason for every order and command, He wants us only to be enslaved to Him and not other worldy matters. As human beings are created with this drive inside them that always seek motivation to perform, its called Human motivation theory. It is a big topic which I will cover next time in sha allah! So only a Creator knows what His Creation needs. Remembering our Rabb through the prescribed swolaat, Dzikir and Dua is for our own best. Allah knows best.

Please include us in your Doa.

Have a blessed week ahead! :-)







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