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Stop Complaining, Start Counting!

Surah Ad-Dhuhaa 93:1 Quran

How many times would we have complained in a single day? How many times would we have heard someone complain or whine about something they are not contented with?

The Surah Ad Dhuhaa is a blessing for those who are going through depression, down time in their lives. The first verse, By the morning sunlight, goes like this

( Wa Dhuhaa).

Allah swt tells us to look at the sun especially when prophet Muhammad saw was feeling down. He did not receive any messages or revelation from Allah swt for a long period of time. He was wondering if Allah swt was angry with our beloved prophet saw. Allah swt explains in this surah that He has neither abandoned him nor hates him. In fact, He has sheltered prophet Muhammad saw when he became orphaned, guided him, gave him wealth when he was in need, hence treat the needy well. Allah swt also told us to speak of His blessings. Once Ust Suaida also shared during our classes that we can share of our blessings, be it a car, house, etc. Certainly these are blessings which are possible by Allah swt but how do we differentiate between a boasting and sharing?

That depends on your niyyat (intention), the intention of your sharing. Do you want to tell because you want to proclaim Allah swt blessings or you want to simply show off. If one shows off, it is superficial, one may get the pleasure of boasting for just that moment. The blessings and contentment of Allah swt is far more greater than a superficial boasting. Share your blessings with the niyyat of proclaiming Allah’s blessings. So back to our question of complaining, this surah is teaching us to count our blessings. If we proclaim our Lords blessings, not only do we become more grateful, we become more happier mentally and physically. Positive Psychology is a new study compared to abnormal psychology, etc, where it focuses primarily on the happiness and healthy model of a human mental state. Why wait till it deteriorates to help get better, why not maintain or increase our mental health? Its just like your physical body, would we focus on it only when its at a unhealthy level, wont we want to take care of it by eating healthy, exercising regularly, avoiding what is bad for the body. Similarly our mental health deserves the same attention, how do we focus on a healthy mental state, take care of it such that it does not deteriorate to an unhealthy level?

More sharing next week in sha Allah. For now, remain grateful, count Allah swt blessings, share them with everyone with the intention of gaining Allah swt’s contentment. That too is good for you, this is the Mercy and compassion of our Lord.










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