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Do they not look at the camels?

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

One of the most captivating verse from the Quran for me was this. It spoke about the camels, to look at the way it was created which made me wonder for years what’s so special about it.

Do they not look at the camels—how they are created And at the sky—how it is raised?

The Quran 88:17-18

There are various adaptations which makes this beautiful mammal survive the harsh climates of the desert. “Camels have three eyelids. Two of the eyelids have lashes and the third eyelid comes from the corner of the eye. The eyes are protected by a double row of long curly eyelashes which help keep out the sand and dust. Thick bushy eyebrows shield the eyes from the desert sun.” The Camel’s nostrils are unique. They can be closed at will to prevent sand and dust from entering. Camels have small ears and lots of hair over their ears to keep out the sand. Camels have very unique lips. The upper lip is split in the middle and each side can be controlled independently. Camel humps do not store water, but they do store fat, up to 80 pounds of fat. This allows Camels to go for weeks and even months on very little food. The fat when metabolized produces energy and also actually releases more than a gallon of water for each gallon of fat. Camels have another totally unique ability. Camels can allow their body temperatures to go down to 93.2 degrees at night or up as high as 105.8 degrees before they begin to perspire. Humans would die at those extremes. Camels can survive temperatures down to -20 degrees in winter and up to 120 degrees in summer. How do they do it? Scientists don’t know. Aren’t camels simply amazing?

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