Simple Islamic Geometric Pattern

Islamic Geometric Art Patterns (IGP) has always been one of my favourite thing to do in my free time. However, ever since my uni term started and the whole crazy Covid thingy started, followed by all the domino effects (Quarantine, Home-Based-Learning, Circuit Breaker (CB)) I haven’t been focusing on my priorities. Afterall, we are human too and we need time to get adjusted to new routines. One thing for sure that I love about this CB is that,
1. I get to spend more time with my family,
2. eat more home cooked food,
3. do more physical workouts and
4. do more mindfulness with my kids.

However, IGP had been taking a back seat in the midst of becoming a School administrator-cum-principle-cum-teacher-cum-all-in-all.. hahah it was fun in a way. I loved how the teachers called in to check on us if we are doing fine. I have a lot to be grateful for, really! So now that finally HBL is coming to an end soon and my Home-Homework (my own study time with the kids) can start, I can take a breather and work on my own passion. Phew! Not forgetting that my exams are round the corner, but its ok. It is good to do things that you love before embarking on any important issues.

So here comes a really easy pattern which anyone can do with their kids. I intentionally reduced the number of cuts we do on a circle to keep it simple. Basically it’s a square and a circle with lines. Then you are ready to paint to get a beautiful pattern. Try it. Do encourage your children to give it a try.


Do drop us your feedback. It will motivate us to upload more videos.

God bless and love.